Chapel Hill Christian Church



Chapel Hill Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Meeting at Carrboro Civic Club
108 Bim St
Carrboro, NC

Join us for worship at 10:30 AM

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Chapel Hill Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
P.O. Box 3424
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 929-2558

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Music At Chapel Hill Christian Church

Everyone is a member of the choir at Chapel Hill Christian Church! 

Everyone is invited to pick up a tambourine too!

We have two wonderful musicians that lead our worship. Two weeks of the month, Charles Bradshaw is our musician. Charles is is a jazz and gospel keyboard player. He plays in the Charles Bradshaw quartet and also leads the United Voices of Praise, a Gospel choir in Chapel Hill and Durham.

Two weeks of the month Dail Rawls is our musician. Dail Rawls is originally from Wake County and is an elementary school teacher in Raleigh, NC. She has served as a church musician for more than twenty years in UCC churches in Maryland, Virginia, and Cary, NC. Dail is thrilled to have become part of the team at Chapel Hill Christian Church.

We are lucky to have other musicians join us from time to time. Carol Cantrell, Robin Davis, Mark Simmonsen, John Clarke, and Dan Smith  and Crooked Creek have played at Chapel Hill Christian Church.
Rev Laura Fairfax was our musician for 4 years and joins us when her schedule allows.  

We are also lucky to have a tambourine choir at Chapel Hill Christian Church--- come visit us and check out this innovation.

In 2006 we recorded a CD!  Stories and Songs From the Ark Brought to You by Edwina and the Ark-Etypes is the title. Click here to hear a "story and song".

Music at Chapel Hill Christian Church is marvelously diverse and totally inclusive. Each liturgical season we select “standard songs” for our gathering song, song of reconciliation, offering song, and benediction song. 

We strive to include what each person considers "good music" during each season. You can expect to hear traditional hymns, gospel music, kid friendly selections, and some folk classics.