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Chapel Hill Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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Chapel Hill Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
Mike Shannon, Pastor


Phone: 919-932-0387

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Giving Back

At Chapel Hill Christian Church we believe that we are the hands and feet, the eyes, the ear and the voice of God in the world. We believe that we are called to go into the world to show the love of God through service. We take this responsibility seriously.

One of our primary service projects is our relationship with the InterFaith Council. IFC is the local agency that provides for the needs of the homeless and poor. 

Last year we donated a total of $2800 to IFC in goods.

In 2006 we declared ourselves the Jelly Church. Each week we provide 30 or more jars of Jelly to the InterFaith Council Pantry. We collect jars of jelly each week and the Jelly Jar is always available for donations.  

In addition we have two JELLY FUNDRAISERS each year. The first is our sale of Jelly Cards designed to be used as Christmas cards and gifts. We also make Alms boxes and collect change during Lent.

Before School starts, we collect school supplies for children housed at Project Homestart. Rebecca McCulloh also serves on the Board of Directors of IFC. Doris Colomb is our congregational liason.

Chapel Hill Christian Church also supports the ministry of service through the Disciples of Christ supporting the Week of Compassion and Reconciliation Fund.

During the years we have participated in other outreach and service activities:

Burmese Resettlement We united with other Disciples of Christ congregations in the area to assist in the relocation of a Burmese family to the US.  We stocked their pantry and provided 2 weeks of fresh food. We also contributed $300 to their home start expenses. 

Camp Caroline We provided the funds for 3 members of our congregation along with a staff person to attend Camp Rainbow - a week long camp experience at Camp Caroline for developmentally delayed persons.

Simple Christmas Fair  Women from Freedom House sold earrings to support their ongoing project of working the 12 Steps of AA/NA in art projects as well as providing each participant in Freedom House program of recovery with an art box. Participants in Children's House sold hats.  We also sold Jelly Cards and Edwina CD's to raise money for our Jelly Ministry. Robin Davis donated CD's which we sold to fund a subsidiary of the Jelly Ministry known as Strawberry Ministry. Everyone received a copy of "Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?" a guide to simplifying Christmas.

Cookies for Kinston Vision Builders is a Disciples organization helping churches to build places for ministry. Grove Park Christian Church in Kinston NC is the project for the summer of 2004. We provided 50 dozen home made cookies for the volunteers. 

Summer Food During the summer months, the InterFaith Council faces increased requests for food when children are not in school. Children who receive free or reduced cost breakfast and lunches are home and stretch the resources of the family. During the summer of 2005, Chapel Hill provided $2,500 worth of food to IFC. 

Equipping Ourselves for Service At Chapel Hill Christian Church, we believe that service requires knowledge. We ask community experts to provide us with important information on ways to serve the community.